Turkey Bowl – Frozen Food Football


TOWER Staff writer


Have you ever played catch with a frozen turkey? Celebrate the holiday season on November 16, 2-4 pm with the Junior Class Council Turkey Bowl.

November is synonymous with cold temperatures, men with facial hair, turkey, pilgrims, and football. So get a team of five of your best mates together for some American style football with a meaty twist—no pigskins about it just let the frozen feathers fly.

Thanksgiving Day, 1869— Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The first ever Thanksgiving Day football game, and one of the first football games ever played. During the founding of the sport colleges and clubs were the main contenders. November 6, 1869 Rutgers College squared off against Princeton. The early rules of football resembled much more closely a mixture of rugby and soccer—with the unbelievable rule that the ball cannot be picked up or carried. How could this have been football? I smell communism. Both teams were to drive the ball to either end of the field by kicking it, while smashing into each other. In the end Rutgers ended up beating Princeton 6-4. Today, football is a hands on and full contact sport as it should be, and Thanksgiving is still a holiday with the tradition of football rivalry. 

Sign ups begin November 11-15 during dinner hours, or by email to abebech@bethanywv.edu. Team registration is $10, and the match will be held at the practice soccer fields. Every member of the winning team will receive glorious gift cards!


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