The Tower’s Exclusive Bison Interview: Matthew Grimard

TOWER staff writer

            After coming off an average 2012 season, the Bethany Bison will be lead by Senior All-American quarterback Matthew Grimard. During my interview Matt you could tell that he is very anxious to get the 2013 season under way. The Bison have a lot of returning upper-classmen who have seen playing time on game day. The 2013 season has been scheduled and seems to be quite competitive. It will be interesting to see what positive outcomes the Bison will have under new head coach Bill Garvey, and some of the other familiar faces on the coaching staff.

            Approaching his senior year, Matthew Grimard has had a huge impact to the Bison. He has also set multiple records, recognized as a first team all-PAC athlete. That being said, the Bethany Bison have very high expectations for a great 2013 season. Matthew said, “I feel pretty comfortable with the returning teammates, we have come together more as a team and hoping for a chance to win the PAC championship.” After achieving a 5-5 record the previous season, the Bison are looking to improve on both sides of the ball.

            On defense, the Bison have many juniors who have matured and are ready to play hard- nose football this season. The Bison had one of the worst pass defenses last season, although the Bison have players who are capable of being all-conferences players. “We have talent in every position, but we feel as a team that we are confident in having a great defense this year” said Matthew.  Also, having one of the best coaches (Jacoby Watkins) it will be very exciting to see what tricks he has to bolster a highly talented Bison defense.

            On offense, they Bison are returning a variety of skill players that are very experienced in past seasons with All-American quarterback Matthew Grimard leading the way. After graduating most of the offensive linemen, there will be a very inexperienced front line this season. I asked Matt if the Bison are capable to get the job done? Matthew reassured me that, “We will be fine, and we have worked hard over the past few weeks on being more explosive and consistent with every play. We are very physical, and play with a lot of passion. There will be no doubts when game time comes. Every play counts and that’s what matters most, playing for one another and I believe we understand that we have to protect to win.” After that we can only hope to see the best out of the Bison this year.

            “Special teams are developing” said Head Coach Garvey, after bringing in two new assistant coaches they will be working to continue one of the major factors of the game.  On the bus, will be last season All-Conference Steven Amic.  Amic has been a three year starter for the Bison and played a key role in helping the team win a few games last season. “We hope to continue the great effort played on the special teams and look forward to keep improving,” said Matthew. Looks like the Bison will be faced with many opportunities to make big plays on special teams this year.

            As a team with dreams, the Bethany Bison are looking forward to a magnificent season.  They seem to have all the tools they need to win football games this year in the PAC. It will be very exciting to see what new installments they are bringing to the table this year. “We have talked about being a family and we want the best for each and every one of us. We have to develop as one unit and take control of the opportunity given to us. I’m going to give it my all this last season as a Bison. Hopefully, with great memories to enjoy the great talks about winning the Championship” said Matthew.

            After coming to the end of the interview, Bethany seems to have it all up and rolling. They have plenty excitement around campus to keep them motivated. They will be well prepared for the upcoming first away game against opponent Centre College hosted in Kentucky at the Centre Stadium. Good luck and have fun this season!





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