The Final Analysis: Bethany Football 2013 Campaign

By Christopher Collins

TOWER Staff Writer


At the beginning of the 2013 season the Bethany Bison had all hopes of winning a PAC championship. As the Bison prepared for its first game against Centre College, there were many goals to be achieved. Bill Garvey, who was last year’s offensive coordinator, received the head-coaching job. Garvey continued the same routine and wanted to prepare his team for the upcoming season. With many of his players returning, it was not an issue to get his game plan rolling.

After having a below average season, leading the Bison this year was senior preseason All-American quarterback Matthew Grimard. Grimard was very anxious to get this season under way. The Bison had a lot of returning upper classmen who saw action on game day. The 2013 schedule was announced and appeared to be quite competitive. It was very interesting to see the positive outcomes the Bison had this season.

Grimard has been a huge asset to the Bison. He has set multiple records and was recognized for all-PAC. That being said, the Bison had high expectations for a great season. Matthew felt pretty comfortable with the returning teammates; they have come together more as a team and were hoping for a chance at the PAC championship. After having a 3-7 record last season, the Bison were looking to have a great impact on both sides of the ball.

On the defense, the Bison had many juniors who have matured and were ready to play hard nose football this season. Coming from being one of the worst pass defenses, the Bison had players who were all-conference players and tested from multiple offenses that were scheduled. The Bison had talent at every position, and everyone was looking forward to a great defense this year. Also, having one of the best coaches, Jacoby Watkins, there was much anticipation to see what tricks he had to help the bison win the games.

On the offense, the Bison started the season very strong. They were able to make plays at any given moment. The offensive line progressed throughout the season after graduating all of their starters except for one. Unexpectedly, the Bison offense became inconsistent and could not finish what they started. It was very tough bouncing back after the three game losing streaks. Eventually, they managed to fix errors and get things back to normal.

Special teams this year was unpredictable at times, despite implementing many schemes to be successful. During some games this season it came down to players making big plays, they capitalized on some occasions, but could have been better. Players gave great effort every chance they were given and the special teams for the Bison were noticed as game changers. Great field advantage was huge this year helping the offense and defense.

Overall, the season for the bison was like a roller coaster. There were a few ups, and a few downs but they were able to snap long losing streaks by beating W&J and Waynesburg. This team has come a long way and have grown as a team. Most people would think that with so much talent, how are they not in the playoffs? Well, it was technically the year to win, just like every other year. When playing the game of football your predictions may not go as planned. Most impressively was the players developing maturity and becoming a family. Many great teams face upsets, and with this being Bill Garvey’s first year as the head coach, he has done a very good job He has coached these guys to love one another and play for each other. As the Bison head into their off season, it will be nothing but hard work and dedication to prepare for their 2014 campaign.         


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