Bethany Football Preview with Khallid Pierce

Although the Bethany Football team was picked to finish seventh in the annual Presidents’ Athletic Conference (PAC) Media Day, Khallid Pierce (Youngstown, Ohio) remains confident entering his senior year. “The predictions don’t really mean anything to us. The team knows we have to put in the work to overcome those expectations.”

Lacrosse Opener 2017

The temperature may have not been as nice as it was earlier in the week, but the Bethany Men’s Lacrosse Team still had a hot start to the season. The Bison took on Heidelberg for the home opener of the 2017 season.

Search for Football Coach Comes to an End

Weeks after the announcement of Jacoby Watkins' departure, Bethany has found its new football coach.

Watkins Ends Bethany Coaching Career

On Friday March 20 the Bethany Bison football team said goodbye to one of their premier coaches.

Bethany Football Player Wins PAC Award

Last weekend the spotlight shined bright as a diamond as one of Bethany College’s football players won a prestigious award.

Men’s Basketball Goes Into PAC Tournament Strong

The Bethany Bison men’s basketball team recently secured the third seed playoff berth for the PAC tournament playoff, which began Tuesday February 24.

Bison Look To Finish Season Strong Against St. Vincent

The Bethany Bison are currently 6-3 this season with a 5-2 record in the Presidents Athletic Conference. They will look to end the season on a high note against St. Vincent. The game against St. Vincent College will be played on November 15, 2014 and this is the last home game of the season for the Bison. The kickoff is scheduled for a 1:00 p.m. start.

Bison Volleyball Seniors Finish 2014 Season Strong

Before the first game, there was some time taken to honor two seniors of the team, #13 Kelly Becquet and #6 Lynsie Mandt. There was a senior day ceremony held for both of the women right before the game, in which they accepted gifts and bouquets and posed for pictures with their parents. They will graduate from Bethany as the winningest senior class of all time with a collective record of 115-36, 60-11 in the PAC and three consecutive ECAC Championships.

Bethany College Volleyball Eager To Capture PAC Title

The Bethany College women’s volleyball team is on track to finish the 2014 season very strong. They are currently ranked third in the Presidents Athletic Conference (PAC), with an overall record of 20-12 and a conference record of 12-2.

Bison Hope To Reignite Offense Against Grove City

The Bethany Bison football team is currently 5-3 this season after accumulating two consecutive losses. The Bison will look to end their two game losing streak against Grove City College this Saturday at 1:30 p.m. after suffering loses against PAC rivals W&J and Geneva.

Men's Soccer Team Commemorates 1994 National Title

Twenty years have gone by since the 1994 Bethany College Men’s Soccer team played their final game together. This was the year that Bethany College won the NCAA Division III National Championship despite a great deal of adversity the team faced during the course of the season.

Bison Defense Superb In Homecoming Win Against Carnegie Mellon

The Bethany Bison are 5-1 this season, and will look to win their sixth consecutive game against PAC rival, Washington and Jefferson at 1 p.m. this Saturday. The game on Saturday became the fifth straight victory of the season. This is the longest winning streak for the Bison since the 2001 team won five straight to start the season. The Bison defense only allowed 198 yards of total offense in the win

Bison Look for Homecoming Win against Carnegie Mellon

The Bethany Bison are 4-1 this season, and look to win their fifth consecutive game of the season against Carnegie Mellon during Bethany’s homecoming game this Saturday at 2 p.m. Last Saturday the Bison defeated Case Western Reserve University 25-14.

The Bison Shift Attention To Case Western after Prevailing Against Waynesburg

The Bethany Bison, who are 3-1 this season, look to win their fourth consecutive game of the season when the team takes on Case Western Reserve University. This past Saturday, the Bison defeated Waynesburg University 33-27 during their only home night game of the season.

Bison Begin PAC Play Against Westminster

The Bethany College Bison are now 1-1 and will go on the road again this week to take on the Westminster College Titans, which are 0-2. Last week the Bison were down 17-10 midway through the third quarter and staged a 35 point comeback. During the run, there were five different Bison players targeted in the end zone in the last 22 minutes of play.

The Game of the Year?

This past weekend the Bethany Bison baseball team overcame a huge deficit to capture a win that seemed impossible. This past Sunday, April 27th, our home Bison squared off with the Thiel Tomcats in what became a miraculous game.

Bethany College Equine Program

The Bethany College Equestrian Program has now been at the Oglebay facility for almost two years. I sat down with senior Jacob Arbaugh, who is a Communication and Media Arts: Public Relations and Advertising major with an Equine Studies minor.

The Bison Are Here To Make Non-Believers, Believers

The Bethany Bison opened up their home schedule for their second conference game of the year. I was able to talk to junior pitcher Ryan Meier about himself and team expectations this year. The Bethany Bison baseball team was picked to finish 6th in conference according to the coaches’ poll at the beginning of the season.

The Curious Week for Michael Sam

In the moments after he came out to Chris Connelly of ESPN, Michael Sam seemed poised to become the first openly gay player to be drafted by the NFL. Two weeks later, doubt has crept into the minds of scouts and fans alike as to whether Sam will even be drafted.

Microphone Stolen In Big Moment

February 2, 2014 was arguable the biggest sporting event of the year between two teams who were portrayed to be the best all time. The Denver Broncos broke over five NFL records this season regarded as being one of the top offenses in NFL history. The Broncos were the first team to score over six hundred points in just one season. Calling the commands was Peyton Manning, who was looking for his second Super Bowl win but he had one problem.

Would the NBA Benefit without a Salary Cap?

Now that the NBA is under the brand new Adam Silver administration, it seems that time is of the essence to make some whole-sale changes to how each team operates. Dallas Maverick’s forward, and long-time NBA veteran, Shawn Marion spoke out earlier this week about eliminating the salary cap, allowing teams to spend whatever they desire to build their respective teams. Marion said, “I could see no cap and everybody doing what you want to do. Baseball does it. If you want to go out and spend $200 million on your team payroll, go ahead and do it.” The gut reaction by fans when they hear “no salary cap” is that certain teams will have a significant advantage over others. How would a market such as Sacramento or Milwaukee compete with the likes of New York or Los Angeles? The NBA has never been the standard for competitive balance because of the salary cap. If each team can only spend a certain amount of money, then superstars such as LeBron James and Dwight Howard will feel more inclined to at least go to a bigger, better market to showcase their talents. If there weren’t a salary cap, Cleveland Cavaliers billionaire owner Dan Gilbert could have spent whatever he wanted on LeBron in the summer of 2010 and maybe could have kept him. The same goes for any of the other 29 teams in the league, all of which are owned by smart and extremely wealthy individuals. If an owner is all-in on that particular franchise and has a mindset on winning, they should not be timid of over-paying big name stars that can elevate the franchise to higher levels. Marion also said, “It can’t guarantee that you’re going to win, but why not? If you’ve got the money to do it, why not? There shouldn’t be a cutoff on what people want to spend for their teams, but there should be a minimum that they have to spend, so you definitely put a good product on the floor.” Marion’s point is that just because you have money does not mean you are guaranteed to bring home championship banners. The Yankees, who operate without a salary cap as does every MLB team, consistently have a payroll that soars over $200 million. It seems like each off-season, they are bringing in top-of-the-line talent and paying little to no attention to money in the process. Do you know how many championships they have won since 2001? One. From 2001-2013 nine different franchises have won the World Series, including minuscule markets such as Arizona and Florida. And to think that not having a salary cap makes the playing field uneven is laughable. The NBA, which operates under the salary cap, has seen far less parody. Since 1999, the Spurs, Lakers or Heat have won a whopping 12 championships, so a competitive balance doesn’t really exist now anyway. Players have always wanted to pick and choose where they want to play and whom they want to play with. Without a salary cap, though, that decision could get a lot more difficult. We just saw the Seattle Mariners pay $240 million for Robinson Cano, a price more than what the Yankees were willing to cough up. It’s a given that you are going to have miserable owners in every sport. There are going to be ownership groups who are not willing to spend on their teams and they’ll be fine with that. For 20 years, the ownership group of the Pittsburgh Pirates never spent a dime on player personnel and were more than comfortable being basement dwellers. Things finally changed in 2013 following the Andrew McCutchen contract extension/MVP season, and the entire fan base was rejuvenated. If owners are invested enough to spend the hundreds of millions of dollars it takes to buy an NBA franchise, they should not feel bothered with the fact they need to spend a little extra to build up their teams with players who will bring more people into the arena.

The Final Analysis: Bethany Football 2013 Campaign

At the beginning of the 2013 season the Bethany Bison had all hopes of winning a PAC championship. As the Bison prepared for its first game against Centre College, there were many goals to be achieved. Bill Garvey, who was last year’s offensive coordinator, received the head-coaching job. Garvey continued the same routine and wanted to prepare his team for the upcoming season. With many of his players returning, it was not an issue to get his game plan rolling.

Turkey Bowl – Frozen Food Football

Have you ever played catch with a frozen turkey? Celebrate the holiday season on November 16, 2-4 pm with the Junior Class Council Turkey Bowl.

Bison Volleyball Poised for Run at ECAC Title

Bump, Set, Spike! The Bethany College women’s volleyball team had another terrific season with an overall record of 27-9 and a 17-1 record in the PAC Conference.


After another tremendous victory for the Bethany Bison what more can we accomplish this year before the season is over?

Bethany Bison Snap 30-Year Losing Streak with Win over W&J

October 5, 2013 was the biggest game of the season for the Bethany Bison. Amongst the rest of the PAC Conference, this game was on everyone’s radar. Coming into the fifth game of the season the Bison played against opponent W&J, known as the powerhouse of the conference. Both teams are filled with plenty of talent on both sides of the ball. This game was possibly one of the most exciting games to watch on Saturday night in person and as it was broadcasted live on Bethany’s athletic page.

Homecoming 2013 Football Preview

The Tower’s Exclusive Bison Interview: Matthew Grimard

After coming off an average 2012 season, the Bethany Bison will be lead by Senior All-American quarterback Matthew Grimard. During my interview Matt you could tell that he is very anxious to get the 2013 season under way. The Bison have a lot of returning upper-classmen who have seen playing time on game day. The 2013 season has been scheduled and seems to be quite competitive

Bethany College's 2013 Lacrosse Season

Bethany Bison Baseball

Lacrosse Team Loses Season Opener

They are now 0-2 for the season.

Bison Swimmers Thrive at Record-Breaking PAC Championships

Bethany College Swimming and Diving finished 7th of 11 teams, and 6th among PAC teams at the Championships.

“There are only two seasons – Winter & Baseball”

The Bison open their season March 9th against Washington & Jefferson, who are projected to finish a top the PAC for a second consecutive season.

Bison Track Turnaround

Bethany Women's Volleyball Defeats W&J

Lady Bison win all three sets in their Sept. 13 game against Washington and Jefferson College.

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