Homecoming 2013 Football Preview


TOWER Staff Writer


            As we approach game four of the Bethany football season. It seems to be a very exciting game for the Bison as they take on Grove City College. This will be the second PAC game for the Bison; we expect a very good game between both teams. The Bison have struggled in past weeks to achieve their first victory, but they are hopeful that this Saturday will prove successful. They have been in three close games, but can’t seem to pull out on top. The expectations for this team must come down to the leadership of the players and ensuring that each player understands their responsibility’s in every situation.

            After watching last week’s game against Randolph-Macon, the Bison stadium was rained out making it very hard for both teams to grasp the ball throughout the course of the game. The Bison offense was able to put just a few points on the board, nothing like the last two weeks as they manage to take control of the game. The defense is still having problems stopping the opponent’s offense, but rest assured that this Saturday the defense will be fired up. They have all the keys they need to make plays, they must adjust to the ball quicker and have some urgency to understand that letting up points every possession will not help win football games.

            In past weeks, the special teams have been very successful, although last Saturday was a struggle.  They made many mistakes that allowed their opponent to gain an advantage and ultimately put their defense/offense in difficult positions, resulting in a loss against Randolph-Macon. The Bison have one of the best punters, but the long-snapper was having a great deal of trouble getting Steve Amic the ball. Once again, it comes down to being focused and understanding that every play counts.

            This week the Bison are looking to have Bethany rumbling after Saturday’s game. It is Homecoming weekend, so many people will be around to watch the game and with the Bison being 0-3 the fans are hoping for a successful day at Bison stadium.

            Just a preview on Grove City, with a record of 1-2, they have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball. Nothing compared to the Bison, but it will be very interesting to see both teams go after it this weekend. They have many returning players who have shown that they can win at any given moment. The Bison must be limited on errors to have a good game against Grove City.

            We hope that this weekend will be very exciting for everyone at Bethany College. This game will determine if the Bison will have a shot at the PAC championship. All hopes are high for the Bison and best of luck to both teams.


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