After another tremendous victory for the Bethany Bison what more can we accomplish this year before the season is over?

            The Bethany Bison are getting of their third consecutive win and is currently   3-1 in the PAC. What is the true significance behind these wins for the Bison. 

            Let us revert back to the year 2003 to the year of 2009. The Bethany Bison Pac season went from their worst PAC season at 0-6 in 2003 to their best season 2-4 in 2009. Miraculously, the Bison have won at least 3 games consistently in the PAC since 2009. So why is it a big deal now?

            Besides the Bethany Bison beating teams that they have not beaten in several years; the football team now has a winning streak and a positive moral going into their other games.

            The next game the Bethany Bison faces in the PAC is Westminster University.  The Westminster Titans have beaten the Bethany Bison for the last 3 years in the PAC.

            The Titans of Westminster are coming off a 38-6 defeat at the hands of Washington & Jefferson in New Wilmington. In the contest, the Titans were outgained 490-299 yards, while allowing the Presidents’ to gain 197 yards on the ground.

            Some wise words about the current PAC season from the head Coach have been reported as well. “Our defense really kept us in the game,” remarked Coach Bill Garvey. “If it weren’t for their play in stopping a really good defense, we could have easily been down two or three scores at the half, but they have really come into their own the last couple of weeks, and are playing very good football.”

            From The Tower Online and general public of Bethany Campus we wish you the best of luck on the rest of your PAC season. 


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