Soul Food Sunday


The Black Alliance hosted a Sunday picnic on May 3, 2015 that all students, faculty, and Bethany residents were allowed to attend. The event that took place at Bethany Park from 2pm to 6pm proved to be a major success in which hundreds of people showed up to support the group and have a fun filled day.

Soul Food Sunday was hosted by former Bethany student, Sigma Nu alum, and current student enrollment faculty member Adam Llanos. As the advisor of the Black Alliance club, Llanos was able to account for every member that showed up, by greeting them and providing appropriate accommodations for everyone.

A catered food buffet was provided under the pavilion, which enabled students and faculty to mingle and reminisce while enjoying the beautiful sunshine and relaxation on a Sunday afternoon. The weather and location also provided students with opportunity to play recreational games, and they capitalized on this.

Basketball was the main attraction aside from the food setup, which included a well- rounded list of salad, bread, collard greens, macaroni, pulled pork, chicken wings, hot dogs, and beverage variety. A DJ was also provided, in which music and good spirits were able to remain with the full crowd throughout the entire event. 


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