Poet Laureate Marc Harshman Visits Campus


BETHANY W.Va - On Wednesday, April 22, Bethany English professor, Dr. Jessie Janeshek hosted a workshop with West Virginia Poet Laureate, Marc Harshman. The event was held at 6 p.m. in the Academic Parlor in Old Main at Bethany College. A 1973 alumni of Bethany, Harshman is a teacher, writer and poet.

In his workshop, Harshman first went over how details can better the story or poem you are writing. Starting with the word “glove,” the audience helped Harshman come up with other words and phrases that emphasized the glove, and actions that are associated with the word. The point of the exercise was to show that the more detail used in writing, the more interest an author can garner.

The second exercise the audience did was to think of and picture a scar they have on their body. Then Harshmen had the audience close their eyes and take themselves back in their imaginations to the moment when they got the scar. As people were thinking, Harshmen walked around the room and asked more questions about the details of the event, like “Where were you? What did it smell like? What did you taste? Could you hear anything? Who was with you? What were you doing?”

Following the questions the audience spent some time free writing what they had just pictured in their minds. Refreshments were also served at the event.


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