“Handshake” launch at Bethany College

BY Taylor Ferko

 TOWER staff writer

Last week, the Offices of Career and Professional Development for Bethany College launched a new website, and mobile application called “handshake.” After students log on, and create their personalized accounts, they can begin their job search, and it will be much easier than it has ever been before! Students are able to upload their resumes, after which, the website extracts the information found on the document to match you up with the perfect internship, or employment opportunity, according to your listed skillsets. The mobile application for all iPhone users also makes “Handshake” very convenient for all busy college students. It allows students to be notified through their mobile device as soon as an opportunity is available. Amy VanHorn, assistant director of career services at Bethany College, is very excited for all of the possibilities involving this program. “Since, we’ve rolled out Handshake, only fifteen percent of students at Bethany have joined. Whoever hasn’t, is really missing a great opportunity for internships and employment.” Handshake has only just begun to take shape at Bethany College, and is sure to be a helpful tool to gain many opportunities for students in the future.


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