Bethany College Theater to present “Calling Time”


BETHANY W.Va- With the new semester well underway, so is a new production for the Bethany College Theater Department. Branching off of the last show, “Reckless,” the theater department is ready to put on a great show that is sure to leave everyone talking. This show is very different from the one that was produced during the fall semester. “Reckless” was a dark comedy that followed the misadventures of a young woman around Christmastime. She was put through a lot of emotional torment, while remaining in the Christmas spirit throughout the entirety of the play. “Calling Time,” however, is centered around a pub in central London during a period of immense change throughout the city. There are five short plays within the entirety of the show. They follow a group of bar patrons as they interact, and their lives interact with each other while they are all at the bar one night. 

“Who’s Joe?” is the first mini play which is in the show. It is centered around a foreigner that comes into the bar. He begins talking to another bar patron, warning of bad things that are to come. At first, this part of the show seems very serious, but we later find out Joe’s motives, and it makes for a great opening for the show. “Goodbye Simon” is the next small show featured in the play. It is centered on two women, Janine and Caroline. Janine’s husband has recently passed away, and the two discuss Simon at the Bar. Soon, Caroline learns the truth behind Simon’s passing. The next show, “What’s Yours?” is about two bar patrons who meet during an online dating adventure. We find out that both Emma and Paul had both been imprisoned for different reasons. Also, Emma’s reasonings may leave Paul wondering if he would ever want to see her for another date. The next show on the agenda is entitled “Mr. Critchley, Isn’t It?” It focuses around two characters named Cathy and Adrian. Cathy is a journalist who begins to blackmail Adrian for different reasons. Adrian decides that he is not going to give in so easily. This leads to a great debate within the show, and will surely leave the audiences speechless. In the final play of the show, “I Know What You’re Thinking..,” Rebecca and Tim are speaking at the bar. While Rebecca is upset, Tim begins to read her mind, and try to tell her what she is actually thinking. Toward the end of the show, the two learn a great deal about each other, and Rebecca actually turns the tables on Tim. 

With all of these amazing plays packed in to one show, the Bethany College Theater Department is really making strides to impress the public, and expand on the program that they currently have. The play stars Max Hardt, a junior Theater major, along with freshman Theater major Sierra Mortimer, who is making her debut on the stage. Also, appearing in this performance are Music majors at Bethany Ashley Taylor and Kirsten Smith. Jess Donato returns to the stage as Rebecca, while Lucas Liriano makes his debut alongside her, playing the role of the ever-inquisitive Tim. The play is being directed by Luke Hardt, who is very excited about this upcoming show. He has, “wanted to do this show for a while..” and is very excited that he has such an enthusiastic cast. He is sure that the show will be a success, and really hopes that everyone, faculty and students alike, will make the trip to come out and see the show. It will be held at Wailes Theater beginning April 6th, 2017 and running through April 9th, 2017. Taylor Ferko will return to the theater to assistant direct the performance, with Jordan Moore and Serenity Brown assisting backstage in the production. It is sure to be a great show, see you there! 


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