Welcome Home Bethanians

“Welcome Home Bethanians” has been echoed around the Old Main Halls and all the way to Alexander Campbell’s Mansion as the students of Bethany College start their Fall Semester.

Phi Mu Held 3rd Annual 3 on 3 Event

On Sunday, April 3, the sisters of Phi Mu held a successful philanthropy event raising a total of $800. The event was their traditional 3 on 3 basketball tournament where teams of three to four participated to win a trophy and, of course, to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Nineteen teams participated and the overall winners were those on Cassandraers team (Cassy Swihart, Zach Nahra, Liam Davis, Dylan Salmon).

Greeks to Have a Busy Spring Semester!

From the first Fraternity Oscars called ‘Froscars’ to Greek Sing, Campus Clean-up, and many more events, the Greek Community at Bethany College is having one heck of a busy and successful wrap up to their Spring 2017 semester here in little ole’ Bethany.

Students Return to Campus from Spring Break Travels - Where Did They Go?

From Ireland to Costa Rica and then to the States! Students make their travels back to Bethany at the end of Spring Break from their travels all over the world!

Bethany College Love

Bethany College was founded in 1840 by Alexander Campbell, a devout believer in Christ. The college was founded during the Restoration movement and is affiliated with the Disciples of Christ. Over the 107 years of being institutionalized, numerous students have walked this campus and are all a part of a special bond, which no one can quite explain.

Greek Life at Bethany College

It means something to be a Bethanian. There is a certain grand history that is tied to the college. When you are a Bethanian, you cannot help but want to be immersed in all of the traditions and history that come with the school. You want to know everything there is to possibly know about the place you call home for four years and for a lifetime. Often there are parts of Bethany that the students never come to know. This series is meant to teach those very parts.
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