What is ______ up to?


 BETHANY W.Va. Welcome to The Tower’s new segment called “What is _____ up to?” 

Each week a writer from The Tower will do a special feature story on a different occurrence each week. The blank will be filled with a student, or faculty, staff, group, Greek house, academic department, office, or any other subject that is on campus. These features will be up-to-date and include information about what that group or individual is doing that week, has been doing, or even exciting future plans! 

For this first week, we decided to fill in the blank with the people who we identify with the most, students. 

It is Spring time here in the Allegheny Mountains at Bethany College. Which means deer everywhere! Oh, and scenic views of the blooming trees, flowers, and clear skies after an occasional rain. Students here are taking every opportunity to make every minute count on campus due to the end of the semester is approaching fast. Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors are in meetings with faculty advisors to schedule for next semester. With that anticipation in the air, seniors are feeling the pressures, sadness, and excitement to be graduating in just a few weeks. Seniors are preparing to complete their classes, get themselves packed, find jobs if they have not yet, and try to have enjoyed every second they have left at Bethany College with their best friends. 

Senior, Christine Pray gave The Tower an inside into what she has been up to the past few weeks and what she continues to do until graduation, “I've applied to graduate school and I have had five interviews within the past week or so. I am currently just trying to see my friends and enjoy my last few weeks at Bethany College while trying to figure out what I am doing with the rest of my life. It's complicated because this is the first time I know school may not be the next option.” 

 For seniors they have about five more weeks of classes, then they will be graduating. Spring is also a season of the traditional comprehensive exams. Seniors who have to take them are seen behind their stacks of books from the past four years studying to make sure they pass and maybe get distinction. Graduation is May 20 and is planned to be held on the Pennington Quadrangle if weather allows. 

For the rest of the students, the last day of classes is May 12 and finals on May 15, 16, and 17. With finals only six weeks away, the students are more than halfway through the spring semester, which means they are diving into the subjects in their classes more and more every day. 

Sophomore, Darren Johnson says, “Spring semester at Bethany is great because of the upcoming summer, but the classes seem to be a little more stressful at times. The semester also seems to fly by quickly, and I think that also plays a role in the way it's a little more stressful.” Darren, like many other students, are feeling the pressure and the stresses from the high packed schedule and demands from the classroom at Bethany. 

While the students are thinking about the multiple things they must do, they are learning so much in classes and how to time manage due to the responsibilities they have. Bethany students are also busy in their clubs and organizations. There have been multiple events going on throughout campus such as a trip to the Pirates Game and a rock climbing wall on campus sponsored by the Student Activities Council and events such as Fun Day, which is a day sponsored by the Education Department to bring local students to campus for a day of activities put on in the Recreational Center. Clubs are also gearing up for next semester with budgets from Student Government Association, and Class Council applications due in the next few weeks. 

So when asked, “What are students up to?” One will answer with another question, “What are they not doing?” Our Bethany students stay very busy and involved on campus. From everyone at The Tower we wish our seniors good luck on their comprehensive exams and good luck to the rest of the students keeping up with their classwork and extracurriculars.

 Make sure to stay tuned for The Tower’s new segment called “What is _____ up to?” Next week we will pick a different organization, club, faculty, staff, or any Bethanian to write about in this segment.


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