What is the Student Government Association up to this week?


 BETHANY W.Va. Welcome to The Tower’s newest segment called “What is _____ up to?” This week The Tower got an exclusive interview with the Student Government’s Association advisor, Dr. Lisa Reilly and the newly elected President, Darren Johnson. 

 The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing body for student life at Bethany College. The SGA consists of three branches: an Executive Branch, a Judicial Branch, and a Legislative Branch.

 The Student Government Association consists of a President and Vice-President who are elected by the student body. The other SGA Cabinet positions are the Secretary and Treasurer, who are appointed by the SGA President. The Cabinet is made up of the following appointed officers: Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Clubs/Committees Chair, and Public Relations.

 When I asked Dr. Reilly, one of the advisors for the Student Government Association about what role SGA plays on campus she said, “SGA is an organization dedicated to providing the Bethany experience for every student.”

 SGA organizes a numerous amount of activities on campus. One of their biggest tasks is distributing funds to clubs throughout the semester for them to have events. They also attend campus events and are in campus committees to be a voice for students. 

 Dr. Reilly stated, “Next year, we are looking forward to supporting the student clubs and organizations run on and off campus programs that enrich the curricular and co-curricular experience.”

 Next year the SGA will be led by a new face. 

 Sophomore, Darren Johnson, was recently elected to new Student Government Associations President. He was running unopposed but got enough votes for his ballot to pass.

 I interviewed Johnson earlier to ask about what he plans on doing in this role and he said, “I'm thrilled to begin working on improving the quality of life here on campus for students.” Johnson explained how he would improve the quality of life for students on campus by, “providing more social gathering areas, outdoor seating upgrades, classrooms upgrades, and empowering clubs and organizations to host joint events to get students out of their room’s.” He also stated, “SGA plans to raise money to help cover the cost of these projects.”

 Johnson has already appointed his cabinet which consists of students in different aspects of the college to gain diversity in his cabinet. The Vice President is the former SGA President, Ryan Nickerson.

 Johnson said they are already working on new projects they want to do and some fundraising plans to do so. SGA is hard at work in meetings with different staff and faculty of the college to gain a better understanding of their roles so when they come back in August they can hit the ground running. 

 The Student Government Association is the governing body of the campus and provides the funds and some campus improvements to better the quality of life of students. They are working on increasing the funds they have to do larger projects on campus and students should be looking for some improvements in this upcoming year. 


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