What is Bethany College’s Greek Life up to?


 BETHANY W.Va. Welcome to The Tower’s newest segment called “What is _____ up to?” This is the third article of The Tower’s new segment. The previous articles were about the students of Bethany College and the Student Government Association. To read them click here!

 This week’s segment will be on Bethany College’s historical, large, and diverse Greek Community at Bethany College that makes up about half of the population on campus. 

 This community started long ago in the year 1858, just eighteen short years after the founding of the college. Since this long ago date, multiple Greek Organizations have come and gone, and today the proud and distinguished seven houses remain. 

 Six of these houses have their place on the Bethany College Greek Hill towering over the campus. The other, Beta Theta Pi, is in the town of Bethany doing their part to keep the connection and bond between the town of Bethany and the College.

 The seven houses that are present are three sororities; Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tau Alpha. As well four fraternities; Alpha Sigma Phi, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Tau Delta, and Phi Kappa Tau. 

 These houses had a busy week last week with some annual events and even an event that took place in its inaugural year. 

 The first event was Friday, April 21st and was located in Bethany College’s Wailes Theatre. This competition is between the Greek Houses and they are to perform for a maximum of 10 minutes for Greek Sing.  This includes renditions of their favorite songs.   

 The houses that participated in Greek Sing were Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Mu, Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Sigma Phi, and Phi Kappa Tau. The winners, Zeta Tau Alpha and Phi Kappa Tau were announced the next day at the inaugural Froscars (Fraternity Oscars). 

 The next day, April 22nd was a large event on the campus and in the world.

 Earth Day! Bethany College participated in Earth Day showing their pride and care for mother nature by participating in a Campus Cleanup organized by Sophomore Class Council. In total, ten organizations participated which included Greek Houses, athletic teams, a college class, and some faculty came out to show their support for the beautification of the campus. 

 Following the campus cleanup, the Greeks went back to their houses to get dressed to the nines for the Fraternity & Sorority Oscars called the “Froscars.” This event was sponsored by the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council which are the guiding bodies over the fraternities and sororities. The night consisted of food, socializing, awards, and the induction for the first ever Greek Hall of Fame.

 Sven de Jong, Senior Vice President at Bethany College, turned the tone of the night into a more serious and honoring one with the induction of the Bethany College Greek Hall of Fame. Sven started his speech with, “Let's talk about why we are here tonight. To honor our alumni that have made an impact on Greek life and this institution.”

 This Greek Hall of Fame is a first here on campus, and every house was able to nominate alumni who have served the Greek Community at Bethany College.

 The inductees were represented from each active house at Bethany College, as well Sigma Nu. 

 The winners were, from Alpha Xi Delta, Elizabeth de Jong; Phi Mu, Sharon Bogarad; Zeta Tau Alpha, Ashley Kanotz; Alpha Sigma Phi, Dr. Larry Grimes; Beta Theta Pi, Douglas Miller; Delta Tau Delta, Jacob Lowe and the Founders of the Fraternity; Phi Kappa Tau, John Sayers; and Sigma Nu, Steve Radick. 

 These alumni embody what it means to be a Greek and to hold the four pillars of brotherhood/sisterhood, service, scholarship, and leadership. 

The inaugural awards show wrapped up with group photos, a few desserts, and many laughs. 

 The Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council plan on hosting this event annually in the spring and continuing the Greek Hall of Fame to honor alumni who have served their Greek houses and community. 

 This week on The Tower’s latest segment “What is _____ up to?” we talked about all the things that the Bethany College Greek Community has been up to which consisted of some singing, service, and an awards show! Make sure to keep up with The Tower to learn what the next group is being featured on this segment. 


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