TOWER staff writer

The main goal of Greek Houses on this campus is to recruit, recruit, recruit. The challenge is to recruit not only new student members, but also a faculty member to serve as Faculty Advisor.

Many faculty members on campus enjoy being advisors, such as Writing Center Instructor Heather Taylor for Sigma Nu, or Dr. Herald Menz for Phi Tau, but other houses have had trouble finding a willing professor--Delta Tau Delta, for example.

One faculty member who had been asked many times to be an advisor in the past says that liability is the biggest issue. If a Greek house gets in trouble, the advisor is the first contact. Other professors don’t have time or are already so involved on campus that they are afraid they can’t devote enough time to the Greek members.

Delt’s previous advisor was Director of Resident Life Jon Geyer, but when Geyer left to accept a job at Capital University, they were left without an advisor. They tried to find new advisors, but to no avail.

Ultimately, Dr. Kelly Schuller, assistant professor of psychology, accepted the advisor position. Dr. Schuller said, “My concerns are balancing my regular workload with additional responsibilities. I am also concerned with being an effective faculty advisor.”  But Dr. Schuller is also optimistic, and went on to say, “My goals include building a trusting relationship with the guys so that they will feel comfortable talking to me. The best way to help them is to be someone they can trust and know that I care. I am looking forward to helping the guys bring up their GPAs so that they can continue to be a positive force on campus.”

Delta Tau Delta is lucky to find a new advisor, and they hit a home run with Dr. Schuller, but it is hard to say that if another advisor steps down or leaves, a group will be able to find such luck again.


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