The #1 Icon



BETHANY W.Va. – Who do you think is the most iconic athlete ever? That question does not mean who is the best or the most popular, or who had the best career. The dictionary definition of an icon is a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something. By the end of this article I will explain to you who is the most iconic professional athlete ever to play, in my opinion.

There are some no-brainers for this question; athletes that are or were so popular or important that almost any sports fan knows them. This includes people like Michael Jordan, Muhammed Ali, Joe Montana, and Babe Ruth. All of these athletes were great and are arguably thought of as the best ever to play their respective sports.

There is only one athlete, however, that has done what I am about to tell you. Randy Moss changed a noun into a verb.

The noun is his last name – Moss – and it is now used as a verb when a certain play is made in football. No other athlete’s name is used as a verb to represent or symbolize a sports play. In basketball, when you make a shot or dunk you call it just that. When you hit a home run in baseball you call it just that. When you get knocked out in a boxing match you call it a knockout. There are some slang or alternative names people give to actions in sports, but none are named after any certain athlete in particular, except for Moss.

Almost any football fan’s immediate words after a person catches a football over someone else is “Wow, he got Mossed!” This does not happen in any other sport, and will probably never happen in sports again. Randy Moss may not be thought of in some people’s minds as the best player ever to play his sport, or event to play his position. But what you cannot argue is the iconic status of the symbol he left on the game with his name.


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