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According to Bethany President Scott D. Miller, two-thirds of Bethany College campus are student athletes. With 22 sports teams and other recreational clubs on such a small campus, that is believable. What most people wonder next when they think of the mass amount of students that partake in this is how they balance sports with classwork.

Here are a couple of tips that will help you manage your course load and also your athletics.

Tip number one is time management. Without time management you will stress yourself out, and that is the worst thing a student athlete can do. Tip number two is to discuss with your coach your schedule and to get him or her involved with your education. If they want you to be a part of their team, they need to know what works best with you.

The last tip is the most important one, and that is education comes before sports. This is something that you and your coach need to understand. When you get all of these tips down, you should be a wonder student athlete, and will have the proper balance between your sport and your academics.


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