Six Things College Students Have Mastered


1.)    Time management.  How college kids can balance school work, social lives and getting enough sleep is a mystery to everyone.  Somehow, though, they are able to do it.

2.)    Eating unhealthy for four years straight and managing to survive.  Being broke college students, ramen noodles become your specialty.  Whenever you go home on breaks though, you are so happy to have a home cooked meal. 

3.)    Starting and finishing an assignment the day before it is due.  Serious props to the college students out there who have mastered this art form.  Pulling an all-nighter to write a paper and staying awake throughout it all with caffeine, and still somehow you get a good grade. 

4.)    Learning how to manage your money.  If you have $20 to last you two weeks, you better save it for the milk and bread instead of that outfit you have been eyeing online.

5.)    How to work the library.  People would honestly be shocked to know that a lot of seniors do not know where the computers, printers or even the staplers are in the library.  Those of you who know, we salute you. 

6.)    Staying cool, calm and collected.  College can be super tough.  Having days where you feel like everyone is against you AND having to make your cellphone payment on time?  It’s a struggle.  But somehow college kids can keep on keeping on and pull through until the end of the semester where they can go home and cry to their parents about their problems.


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