TOWER staff writer

Last weekend at Bethany College the Theatre program presented "Noel and Gertie" by Sheridan Morley. Morley wrote this piece as a tribute to Noel Coward, the playwright, actor, and composer known for such plays as "Private Lives" and "Blithe Spirit".
The role of Coward was portrayed by Andrew Ferguson and the character of Gertie was portrayed by Kim Douglas, both of whom brought the characters to life in the two-hour run.

It begins with an old Noel Coward wishing he could see Gertie again and ends in much the same way. There are scenes from Coward’s plays; the best is the scene from "Private Lives" where a divorced couple find that they are honeymooning with their new husband and wife in the same hotel. The least amusing is the old music hall show Red Peppers, which then leads to tedious backstage bickering.

The opening night was overall the best for all involved, having sold out the house to an audience who reacted well to all the jokes and songs. However, it would be hard to say this show had a bad night, when the audience left entertained and enlightened after each performance. The energy and one-on-one dialogue kept both performers on their feet the entire time. The pianist, Judy Allison (mother of the actress), complemented both performers with her skill on the piano as well.

All in all it was a show filled with beautiful and fun music, witty dialogue, and history, making this one show you shouldn't have missed.


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