Dark Love



In the dark of the night she can't sleep

Tossing and turning without a peep

The water rushing down her soft cheek

But why, oh why won't you speak!

Curled up in a ball sitting in the corner 

Pounding her head against the wall

Not wanting to live at all

Pushing, hitting, kicking, fighting

All she wants is to be held tightly

Mouth stitched shut, afraid of what to say

Afraid if he will leave or stay

Praying that he won't go away 

Wishing he would stay but she knows there is no other way

She smiles to trick herself she's happy

Hate has taken over her, now love is a fantasy

There was a time when the love ran deep

Looking into his eyes wondering when he'll speak 

The lips she once loved to kiss

Is no longer missed

The mind wondering in a thousand places wishing things were the same 

He fills her head up with lies telling her everything is the same

She’s beautiful and smart

Men look at her like God’s work of art

Wishing he would change and they would still be together

But someone out there will love her better

There comes a time when you know 

A time when you should stay or go

Ending it with a goodbye

Knowing everything was a lie 


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