Bison Facts



Potatoes aren’t a food group.


A can of Bud mummified in

the Bio Pond,

George Washington won’t make it across the Delaware



Your roommate’s laughter

so full it makes

your own

belly warm.


Slick streets and Icy walks

There are ten deer behind

that bush.


I learned more about myself from you than I did in an entire

semester of psychology class.

The tennis courts turned blue

after a while.


I don’t know how old

to act.


Passionate professor kicks the kid with the hoody

out of class.


We’re warm.

And we’re talking


stocks, organisms,

love, debauchery,



The leaning tower of laundry

Ramen noodle French fries


I kissed a Phi Tau and it was the

best time

of my life.


A microcosm of beings

blood, kale green.


The old guy is doing a keg stand

in the corner.

Tie-dye shirt

escaping over his

salt and pepper hair.

He’s twenty again and we are just



The people here are


we move sweet and slow

and time gets stuck in



Omelet Man dynasty

Did you get a Chamber’s breakfast sandwich?

Miss Linda flowers

and I like to see the




This place feels like a swing set

nostalgic and fleeting.

I go back and forth.

The tower is only as high

as we build it to be.

And Sarah will only haunt you if

you ask her to.


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