George Watsky

Think school-sponsored events are a waste of time? Think again. A student review of the performance by slam poet George Watsky.

Left Out of the Joke

Comedian Cristela Alonzo's humor didn't connect with men in the audience.

My Missile Crisis


Sports and Time Management: Playing to Win

Tips for balancing academics and athletics as a college student.

The Other Greek Recruitment Challenge

Greek houses struggle to gain new faculty advisors.

Review: Noel and Gertie

Can Bethany College Be a Tobacco Free Campus?


New Year, New Look!

Bethany College has made many advances towards achieving a more cultural and ethnically diverse campus in the past few decades. The college, a predominately white campus, is striving for a more unified school where the students are not differentiated by race. The institution has been in existence much longer than West Virginia has been a state, dating back to the late 1800’s around the time of the Civil War

Are We Rednecks?

West Virginia is stereotypically considered to be “uncivilized.” Its population is perceived as “rednecks”, a derogatory term used to describe an assumingly unintelligent farming or blue color lifestyle. Reality television shows such as “Duck Dynasty” and “Buckwild” have popularized the redneck way of life in recent times.


There are many faces of color today, and many races. Now-a-days you will not be surprised to see many people of mixed races in a relationship.

Floyd Mayweather Vs. LeBron James

LeBron James is the biggest name in sports. If there were a close second, I would probably have to say Kobe Bryant. Many tend to think that Floyd Mayweather is the biggest name in sports and I don’t understand how?

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, what more do I need to say. He is consistently racking up wins and cashing the checks. His latest stick-up was capturing the Super Welter Weight Tiltle from Saul “Canelo” Alvarez who was believed to be boxing’s future P4P (pound-for-pound) champ pending the aftermath of this bout.

It's Late, I'm Hungry =More Business in Bethany

It has been a busy day; classes ran longer than usual, a ton of homework needed to be done and club activities that you promised to attend, and now it is late you are finally ready to relax, when it hits you, you are hungry; you have not had a bite to eat all day.

Black Friday Madness

Black Friday has turned into part of today’s culture. The history of “Black Friday” goes back to the1960’s when stores were moving from the “red” to the “black,”when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss, and black a profit. The Macy’s Day parade is what started the madness of Black Friday and the rest of the shops followed along. This event has been something that many families look forward to every year.

Senioritis: The Struggle to Finish Strong

The weather is starting to warm up and the seniors have started to become restless. With only two months of school left, I begin to ask my departing friends how they feel about leaving Bethany College.

President Miller Uses Social Media to Connect with Students

When casually scrolling through your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you see a friend request pop up on your screen. The immediate thought of who it might be is short lived when you notice it is the President of Bethany College, Dr. Scott Miller. Students have inquired as to why he would send them friend requests.

Finals and Comprehensive Exams

Finals and Comps…if you have not already taken them, are right around the corner and everyone is starting to stress about work they need to get done or tests they need to really study for.

Spring Semester Wrap-Up

It is coming to the end of the school year now and Bethany students are excited. Everyone has different plans; what are yours? If you have not thought about it yet here are some suggestions of what other people are doing.

League Of Legends Club at Bethany College

If you have ever wanted to unleash your competitive side or show off your strategic skill in video games, you now have your chance to do so at Bethany College’s very own League of Legends club. For those of you who do not know, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, which is slightly based off of real-time strategy games like World of Warcraft.

The Theory of the Lost Cosmonauts

Russia has been causing problems in Europe recently and it this country, like the United States, has many popular conspiracy theories. On of the more popular stories surrounds the cloudy information we have about their space program. This theory states that soviet cosmonauts entered outer space but the Russian government never disclosed the truth behind this event. People who believe the lost cosmonauts theory believe that Yuri Gagarin was the first man to survive a spaceflight. They also believe that the Soviet Union attempted two or more launches prior to Gagarin. The believers are also very adamant that at least two of the cosmonauts died attempting to reach outer space.

Pirates Battle for Second Consecutive Playoff Appearance

The Pittsburgh Pirates are fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive, and earn a second consecutive spot in the National League. The Pirates have a long standing history of disappointing their fans, however, last season they were able to reach the playoffs and reignite a highly passionate fan base.

My Thoughts on Destiny

Within the gaming community, Destiny has received low reviews. The reason why I feel this is the case is because there was a lot of heavy advertising surrounding the game. The game was expected to be revolutionary and to change the way people play games. Unfortunately, it did not do much, if any of that.

My Thoughts on Windows 10

Only two years after the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has already announced its successor, Windows 10. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 is being released to enhance the user experience for devices lacking touchscreen capabilities and have a very similar feel to that of Windows 7. The operating system is anticipated to be released around the later part of 2015.

Black History Month Reflection

February was Black History Month, and what better way to celebrate than to acknowledge some of the famous black people who made a difference in America?

Travel Tips for Twenty-Somethings

When you sign on to travel to a different part of the world, you are signing on to shed your “American-ness” for a bit and assimilate yourself to a word that isn’t hamburgers and hotdogs. So I've come up with a checklist to follow when travelling to other places.

Poetry Corner: Dark Love

A poem about empowerment and the strength of women.

Poetry Corner: Love is Blind

A poem about how being in love can cloud one's judgement.

Poetry Corner: Bison Facts

A poem about the experience of a student at Bethany College.

The #1 Icon

Who do you think is the most iconic athlete ever?

Chambers Meal Plans

A proposal for a new partnership between Bethany College and Chamber's General Store.

Six Things College Students Have Mastered

A list of six life skills that only college can really teach you.

Are Men Pressured to Have the Perfect Body?

In both mainstream and social media, women are faced with pressure to look a certain way. But what about the guys?

The Campbell Family

It means something to be a Bethanian. There is a certain grand history that is tied to the College. When you are a Bethanian, you cannot help but want to be immersed in all of the traditions

"The Help" Movie Review

Have you ever come across a movie that you knew you wanted to see but never actually got around to see it? Well, I would highly recommend that you watch “The Help.”

The Tree of Life Movie Review

The movie The Tree of Life, directed by Terrence Malick, follows the journey of the eldest son, Jack (Sean Penn), who tries to reconcile a complicated relationship with his father Mr. O’Brien (Brad Pitt). The life of middle-aged Jack O’Brien is largely influenced by his childhood in 1950’s Texas with his parents and two younger brothers. The dichotomy in which his parents showed him love are very different to say the least. This often caused an emotional conflict within himself which shaped him into the man he is today.

Darline Nicholson

It means something to be a Bethanian. There is a certain grand history that is tied to the college. When you are a Bethanian, you cannot help but want to be immersed in all of the traditions and history that come with the school. You want to know everything there is to possibly know about the place you call home for four years and for a lifetime. Often there are parts of Bethany that the students never come to know. This series is meant to teach those very parts.

What is ______ up to?

Each week a writer from The Tower will do a special feature story on a different occurrence each week. The blank will be filled with a student, or faculty, staff, group, Greek house, academic department, office, or any other subject that is on campus. These features will be up-to-date and include information about what that group or individual is doing that week, has been doing, or even exciting future plans!

What is Bethany College’s Greek Life up to?

Welcome to The Tower’s newest segment called “What is _____ up to?” This is the third article of The Tower’s new segment. The previous articles were about the students of Bethany College and the Student Government Association. To read them click here!

What is the Student Government Association up to this week?

Welcome to The Tower’s newest segment called “What is _____ up to?” This week The Tower got an exclusive interview with the Student Government’s Association advisor, Dr. Lisa Reilly and the newly elected President, Darren Johnson.

Movie Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

In this sequel to the 2010 film, Alice in Wonderland, we catch up with Alice as she is traveling around the world on her father’s ship, The Wonder. We watch as Alice captains the ship away from pirates and narrowly escapes them by expertly maneuvering the boat to safety. Three years later, Alice is on her voyage home to London to meet with her mother and her business partner Lord Ascot, only to find that the late Lord Ascot has since passed, and his son has taken over the family business. Unfortunately the son, Hamish, still holds a grudge against our young Alice for declining his marriage proposal some years ago. Soon Alice finds that her mother sold her shares of the company along with their house. Hamish insists that Alice also signs over her father’s ship in order for him to return the ownership of their house, and he promises Alice will have a place being a clerk in the business. Alice is furious with this turn of events and flees the meeting.


What does it mean to be “normal”? Is there even a finite definition to the word, and how exactly does one find a way to fit in? Netflix’s newest original series approaches that topic and much more in this warm-hearted, funny, and downright witty show about the coming of age high school senior, Sam, who has autism.

Movie Review: 47 Meters Down

Get ready for a movie that delivers suspense, thrills, moments of adrenaline, and scares that make you jump in your seat. The movie, 47 Meters Down is certain to make you contemplate what you would do when your worst nightmare is realized.

American Horror Story

AHS is a anthology horror series, each of the seasons contains its own self-contained storylines that follows different characters and settings created by Ryan Murphy. AHS chronicles fictionalized haunted locations where the living interact with the dead. The series is known to casts the same group of actors each season but who play different characters and roles.

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