My Thoughts on Windows 10



Only two years after the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has already announced its successor, Windows 10. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 is being released to enhance the user experience for devices lacking touchscreen capabilities and have a very similar feel to that of Windows 7. The operating system is anticipated to be released around the later part of 2015.

At this very moment, I am still primarily a Windows 7 user. I think that Windows 7 is the best operating system since Windows XP because not only does it still have that familiar “Windows” feel to it, but I’ve had little to no problems with it. Everything runs smoothly compared to Windows Vista and has proven to be a great operating system for gamers. I have been able to run programs on gaming services such as Steam and not have any problems activating them. I even appreciate the level of customization of the interface given to users.

Around the time Windows 8 was announced, I was still hesitant about it despite obtaining a code for a free download of the software. I was wary of the program because I had grown so accustomed to Windows 7. Once Windows 8 was released, I had heard that there were so many problems with it that I continued to stay away from it. For example, I knew some friends who played games like Borderlands 2 on Steam and could not run it.

In this day and age, I feel that it is essential for any operating system, especially Windows, to work with games on a premium scale and to be user-friendly within the gaming community because of how many people are now playing video games on their computers. Many people have turned to PC gaming because of how affordable buying PC-based games has become and how upcoming technology has made it more appealing. You can even say that PC gaming is better than console gaming.

Windows 8’s interface was drastically different than that of Windows 7. Again, it had a heavy emphasis on touchscreen devices and took away the classic Windows feel. It felt more like it was designed for a cell phone than a desktop computer. While one of the main purposes of upgrading your operating system is to fight ever-growing threats to your computer, Windows 8 wasn’t worth it to me. I felt like it was too soon for a new operating system and that it was very foreign.

From what was revealed by Microsoft, it will feel very similar to Windows 7 with minor touches from Windows 8, so they kept true to their word. While I would prefer a computer that feels one hundred percent like Windows 7, it is a good start. They will also have a feature where you can zoom out and see all of your current apps running, similar to a Mac. There will also be a feedback feature to let Microsoft know directly how you feel about their new product. It does look nice, but I prefer performance over looks. If Windows 10 doesn’t work well with video games, then I will pass on it. At this point, there’s no excuse for Microsoft to neglect the gaming community.



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