By Jimmy Brookins

TOWER Staff Writer 


There are many faces of color today, and many races. Now-a-days you will not be surprised to see many people of mixed races in a relationship.

At Bethany it is no secret that there are different races and nationalities. As I look around our campus to some degree I smile at what I see, which is interracial dating, and I love it.

At one time in this country it was illegal, and frowned upon, for individuals of different races, especially black men and white women, to be in a relationship. In today’s society there should not be a problem right?

This was a form of Martin Luther King’s dream, equality. There are a few number of girls who do not see color as an issue and that is the way it should be they just want him to be smart and to carry himself a certain way. Vice-versa, men do not care now-a-days what color she is, sometimes it is more about what she has to offer, or if she has a nice body.

On the other hand we have our fair share of fair weathered bigots who still say things like, “My daddy would never let me come home with a black man,” or things like “My momma said stay away from those white girls they just trouble” that keep our mindset in the 1960’s and 70’s and also hold us in a ignorant state of mind.

To be honest why should you care, why should I care, why do we care? TV, society, and the powers to be keep us believing these negative stereotypes about interracial dating. What people do not realize is that it really makes the relationship that much stronger and we even see it in a few movies like ‘Guess Who’, and ‘Look Who’s Coming to Dinner’.

In my family, even though a history of oppression and civil rights battles, my parents have always told me it does not matter who I date as long as I treat them with respect and equality. I was curious to wonder why sometimes we might date strictly one type of race, so I asked around and our editor herself, Ciara Clements, is a product of interracial dating.

 She told me that her dad is white and that her mom has dated white men her whole life. There is a knock to black guys that one rotten apple can spoil the bunch. She grew up in a predominately Caucasian environment and that is what she is used to. She told me that once in a restaurant a man said something really disrespectful when her boyfriend walked away, and those are some of the ignorant episodes that happen that she deals with today. She also said that she has not ruled out the possibility of dating another black male, but just does not want to deal with anyone who does not respect her. 

We have come a long way from those old stereotypes and still have a long way to go but as for Bethany I think we do a pretty good job of accepting people for who they are and as for the people who want to remain ignorant, all we can do is continue to try to educate he best way we can. 


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