It’s Late, I’m Hungry = More Business in Bethany


TOWER staff writer


It has been a busy day; classes ran longer than usual, a ton of homework needed to be done and club activities that you promised to attend, and now it is late you are finally ready to relax, when it hits you, you are hungry; you have not had a bite to eat all day. 

Your work study ran too close to class and the time left for lunch was pushed to the side. Dinner was not any better; you had to eat a single plate of cafeteria food as fast as you could so that you could make it back in time for your friend’s clarinet recital. The idea of Boomer’s is out  seeing as they stopped taking meals an hour ago, and the points on your card have been depleted thanks to the new calzones on the menu. So now you have one of two options, scrounge around for a good samaritan willing to give out their last back of Doritos’s or wait until morning and go to Morlan.

This scenario should sound all too familiar with just about every Bethany student. If it has not happened yet, it will, it gets late and there is no way to get food. The big question here is can Bethany College, or even the town of Bethany, fix this problem and how?

One solution that would be the most promising while also being the most ambitious would be to get a late night fast food restaurant or diner to set up shop in the town. There is already a good portion of vacant buildings just sitting around taking up space that could easily be transformed into a late night food haven.

A second option would involve using one of the many buildings on campus to house some sort of late night snack booth with some comfortable lounge area. This idea works perfect with the lower half of Morlan not being used. Morlan is already left open 24 hours, all that needs to be done would be to set up a simple counter with food and drink storage downstairs and have some student workers willing to work the graveyard shift, to serve snack like foods such as chips, pre made sandwiches and soda drinks.

            Now these are all just ideas and simple ones that need a lot more work, but they show promise and hopefully something like this will be possible on this campus someday. The idea of being able to walk down get a good cheap burger and not having to drive or use meal plans would be a day that can not come soon enough, let’s all hope that these ideas can someday become a reality. Until then try always to at least one good meal in before all the on campus options close.


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