Floyd Mayweather Arguement


TOWER Staff Writer


Floyd “Money” Mayweather, what more do I need to say. He is consistently racking up wins and cashing the checks. His latest stick-up was capturing the Super Welter Weight Tiltle from Saul “Canelo” Alvarez who was believed to be boxing’s future P4P (pound-for-pound) champ pending the aftermath of this bout.  As always Mayweather walks out of the MGM Grand undefeated, with another belt and adding more support to the statement “the best ever”.  However the current obstacle he pushes to overcome is currently backing up the label he placed upon himself in being the biggest name in sports. I for one agree one-hundred percent and given the amount of pandemonium he raised in the wake of this one super fight should explain it all.

Floyd Mayweather’s fights are the most highly anticipated among all professional athletes that the fans want to see yearly and the most paid athlete in the sports world now, period. Every year he places a date, preferably September and May, and the whole world tunes in and I mean, the whole world. I am talking from the United States to South America, to Europe, Asia, and even Israel. He is breaking Pay-Per-View records and filling every seat at the MGM Grand. He calls this, “Mayweather Gets Money”.  And regardless of the opponent or who they want to see finally take the champ down the people pay their money to come watch this boxing exhibition. Let me repeat a part of the sentence that you may have missed, ‘pay their money’. So not only do we want to see him and come out to see him we also pay our proverbial “hard earned money” to come and see this event. And also this man is a brand so not only is he promoting these events he is also fighting in them and writing the soon to be defeated fighter, no matter who he is, and paying his bills.

Now lets also glance back at the history of sports. When sports became popular in the early 1900’s there were two sports that stuck out the most more than others and they were boxing and baseball. And I know that both sports have taken a turn in the negative as far as notoriety and honor. With the whole steroid era polluting both sports has bred a bad name for the two but however both sports are still exciting and anticipated. With that being said, I think its fair to say Mayweather is shouldering the load and for the sport of boxing and he and Mayweather Promotion are and will the future of Boxing.


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