Darline Nicholson


 BETHANY W.Va.-- It means something to be a Bethanian.  There is a certain grand history that is tied to the college.  When you are a Bethanian, you cannot help but want to be immersed in all of the traditions and history that come with the school.  You want to know everything there is to possibly know about the place you call home for four years and for a lifetime.  Often there are parts of Bethany that the students never come to know.  This series is meant to teach those very parts.

As you walk along the campus of Bethany College you will see dozens of plaques in honor of past Bethanians, faculty and staff.  One such plaque was granted its home on the front door of Phillips Hall during the 2015 Homecoming Weekend.  This particular commemoration was drawn and dedicated by Professor Kenn Morgan in memory of Dean Darline Nicholson or as she was more commonly known, Miss Nick.

Miss Nick was employed at Bethany as Dean of Women and Director of College Activities for many years and lived in Phillips Hall the entire time she worked at Bethany College where she was the Dorm Mother.  The door where the plaque is located was the very same door that Miss Nick would enter and exit from to her apartment everyday for 38 years.  

Miss Nick, as Director of College Activities, started the momentum that would eventually become the Student Activities Council we now know today.  She is responsible for bringing amazing talents to Bethany College such as Jefferson Airplane, Chicago, Barry Manilow and many others.  “She had a knack for getting people before they really made it big,” said Kenn Morgan.  

Darline Nicholson was responsible for many things during her time at Bethany, but she is very well known for hosting the May Morning Breakfast for Bethany College women every year.  This is why in 2000 when she retired from Bethany, the title of the event was changed to the Darline Nicholson May Morning Breakfast.  The event is still held in her honor every May with full attendance of current and past Bethany women.  

Miss Nick was a commonly heard name to everyone at Bethany.  She was a face you saw all the time and was a friend to many.  Professor Morgan says that “if you really got to be on her list of loves you got to call her Toots and she would refer to herself as that…but not everyone could call her that.”  This particular nickname has spanned from the mid 1960s to the moment she passed away, but the relationship shared with someone as amazing as Miss Nick still lives on in every heart she came to know.  She was truly a core piece of Bethany for many.  

Professor Kenn Morgan says, “People need to know when they walk past that door that somebody very special and dear to Bethany – there will never be another one like her – lived just inside that door.”  


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