Chambers Meal Plan


BETHANY, W.Va. - Are students upset with the limited number of dining options on Bethany’s campus? I know all students are thinking it, but I’ll be the one to say it. Bethany has continuously cut back on food portions, changed menus, and cut back on hours of openings. As you know, Bethany offers three locations to eat, and it has been quite clear that this simply isn’t enough. When lines are long in the Bethany Beanery and Boomers, which has been a common reoccurrence, especially this year, it would be nice to have another option available.

It would be a simple concept, being that Chambers General Store could keep everything the same including tradition, location, and hours. The hardest part about accomplishing this would to get approval of the Chamber’s, which has kept to its family business and traditions for many years.  This is eye opening to students, because they would be able to have an even balance in variety of food, alongside hours that are more flexible and reasonable to our busy schedules. The location of Chambers also would prove to be beneficial with students that live off campus, or potentially students that are on their way to the Hurl building for class or a sporting event in the direction of Bethany Park.

Freshman, Jason Spellmon said “I would use Chambers points to get breakfast sandwiches early in the morning, because it’s the only place that is open that early in the morning.”

One of the biggest complaints is usually the weekend hours of our current dining options. Chambers would be able to solve the Saturday dilemma students have when they want to get something to eat between the hours of 2-5 pm.


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