Do Guys Feel Pressured to Have the Perfect Body?


BETHANY W.Va. - In both mainstream and social media, or even just talking with people in general, girls are criticized if they do not have a tiny waist, large breasts, a flat stomach, flawless skin and long hair. Women are faced with the pressure to look a certain way.  But what about guys? 

You have to be fit and in shape to play sports.  A lot famous actors are trim, slim and buff.  Guys take supplements to put on extra weight, they weightlift and work out, and some even take steroids.  Guys praise female celebrities that look perfect, so girls feel pressured to look a certain way.  Girls, too, idolize male celebrities that look good, so guys probably feel just as much pressure as girls do to look good.

Men on Bethany Campus answered both yes and no about feeling pressured to have to perfect body.  Most say because of how the media portrays men being tall and in shape, they feel they need to look a certain way to be considered attractive.  Senior Khristian Smith said guys may try to compare themselves to Chris Evans, the actor who plays the superhero Captain America.  Smith said that Evans has a “Dorito body”, meaning his chest is wide but he has the waist of a 15 year old girl, and people find this to be desirable.  Some men said guys probably look up to Channing Tatum and professional athletes.  Other men stated either yes, they do feel pressure, or they kind of do, or not at all.   An article on stated that men get more body confident as they get older. 

One out of the six men said they take body supplements to help them gain muscle.  All of the men interviewed said they do not take steroids.  Most of their opinions on steroids were negative, saying it wasn’t a good thing to take interest in.  Junior Jeramy Starr said that his friend took steroids, but he didn’t really care.  When asked if playing sports put pressure on guys to take steroids, he stated, “Not at a Division three level, but probably at a Division one school or if you’re playing professionally.”

Bethany men said they think the ways to achieve a good body are to exercise, weight lift and eat healthy.

Overall men seem to be just as pressured by the media to look a certain way as women are. 


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