Yannick Live at Bethany College!


TOWER Staff Writer


Last Monday, November 18th, Bethany College hosted one of its most entertaining concerts, in the art gallery. Before the main performance the audience was treated to a rousing performance of Menz and the Hot Pockets, Bethany College’s own band made up of German professor, Harold Menz, his wife and religious studies professor, Brooke Deal.

After their performance, Yannick a foreign exchange student from Mnnheim Germany showed all of Bethany College his amazing skills on guitar, piano and vocals. Yannick when not studying at Bethany College is studying music at the college of education in Heidelberg, Germany.  That night he entertained the fully packed art gallery with original works composed both in German and English. His tall posture and angelic voice, made all the girls faint with excitement and ecstasy.

For one of his more lively tunes, Yannick had helped from other students with other instruments and vocals. Derek Fickess, sophomore music major, accompanied Yannick on three of his songs that evening. “There were a lot of rehearsals and re-arrangements made with Yannick, but in the end is was really exciting and real fun” commented Derek, on his experience with the concert.

For the entire time the show never had a dull moment. The musical experience is something that some students hope that Bethany College is able to re-create in the future. “The opening act was a blast, and Yannick was a very awesome musician. I would love to see more musical stuff on campus.” said Michael Albert. The concert was a great way to end a Monday and here is to hoping that Yannick will perform again soon.




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