Uber: Driving Into the Future 


BETHANY W.Va- Whether you are in need of a ride after a wild Saturday night out on the town, or a simple ride to a nearby store when your car is not available for use, Uber is a useful and trending company that can help out people of any age. A website and a mobile application, this handy car service allows consumers the opportunity to have an account, choose a driver, and be on their way to their chosen destination. Prices for the services vary depending on the location, and the place they need driven to. Customers can also track their Uber driver on the mobile application which acts as a GPS. This is very useful when determining how long it will take for the driver to be able to pick you up and get you where you need to be. 

Uber Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp as “UberCab”, but since then has been on the rise and gained popularity. Most drivers employed by the Uber Company use their own vehicles; however, the company also allows their employees opportunities to rent vehicles to use, as well. Uber has made great strides in the past years as helicopter services, boating services, and exceptional accommodations for customers with special needs. Uber has also selectively introduced self-driving vehicles to specified locations which are currently undergoing different testing operations. In 2015, The Uber Company completed its billionth ride, while in 2016 it had been recorded that 40 million riders used the service in one single month. This was a new record for the company. 

A new law that first took effect last year is now allowing mobile ride sharing applications such as Uber and Lyft to be legal in the state of West Virginia. West Virginia now joins countless states that are taking advantage of this high-tech app that is only surging in popularity and use. Uber began offering rides in major West Virginia cities such as Charleston and Morgantown in late July of last year. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and United States Senator Joe Manchin were the first riders to use the Uber service in West Virginia, taking a short trip from the Capitol Market in Charleston to the state capitol building last year. Claims are that more ride-sharing apps will be introduced in West Virginia in the near future. 

As a traveler, Uber has benefitted me in the short time that it has been available for use. Now that it is picking up momentum in the industry, and expanding its market, there is no telling what advances this company will make next. 




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