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By: Christion Summerlin, TOWER Staff Writer

The Harbinger: Bethany’s Unique Publication Readies Another Edition

  The Harbinger is a campus publication that has been a part of Bethany College’s history from the beginning. The magazine, named for an original publication by Bethany’s founder, Alexander Campbell, contains art work, poetry, photography, and other literary creations by artists from throughout the Bethany community.

Khristian Smith, student editor of The Harbinger, described the process of publication.

  “The faculty advisor selects an editor who then looks at all of the submissions that are given to them via email,” Smith said. “The current students and faculty can make submissions at any time before the given deadline.” He said that issues of the publication are generally only available to the campus community, but that some Bethany town residents also read it. The next publication of The Harbinger will appear midway through September during the coming fall semester, he said.

            “The Harbinger will try to release an edition accessible via internet,” Smith said.  He added, “The Harbinger is a way for students to show their artistic ability through their poetry and photographs.”

            If you feel that you have something that you want to add to the magazine, please contact Kristian Smith, the editor of the Harbinger, at  theKSmith@bethanywv.eduAfter submitting your work to the editor, the faculty advisor and staff will vote to determine the material that is worthy of being published in the newest edition.





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