Star Trek into Darkness Review


TOWER staff writer


            “Star Trek into Darkness” is the second Star Trek movie directed by J.J. Abrams. His first being the critically acclaimed 2009 “Star Trek” it was this movie that re-booted the long running cult series Star Trek. Now this review comes from someone who never took a real interest in the original Star Trek T.V. show, however this all changed with the 2009 version. The first movie allowed for a new generation of “Trekkies” to be born and “Into Darkness” takes what the first one did, expands on it and allows for the new crew of the USS Enterprise to explore a new final frontier.

            The movie starts off with the new Enterprise crew on a mission to save an alien race from a volcano that is on the verge of eruption. The crew save the planet but not without letting their presence be detected by the indigenous life. This slip up is what causes Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine, to lose his position as captain.

It is this plot device that makes the movie not as successful as its predecessor. It turns the first part of the movie into a re-hash of the first, where Captain Kirk is given the conflict of trying to prove himself to both himself and his superiors; this would be fine, except that this was the entire plot of the first film. The second film should focus on the crew and their adventure as a whole and the interactions they have with each other, and this is seen really well in the second part of the movie when Kirk is given back his ship and the main villain is revealed.

            When it comes to action sequences this movie doesn’t disappoint. The special effects are well done and are what makes this universe so thrilling ad exciting.  The brief pauses in between the action are also entertaining as it allows for more character interaction between the crew such as the relationship between Spock and Uhura.

            This movie is a great thrill ride that stalls at the beginning put once it picks up speed it will keep you at the edge of your seat until the very end.

            For anyone who watched the first Abrams Star Trek this movie is to not be missed. If you haven’t seen the first one it’s not needed but the full experience of the movie will be lost.

All in all “Star Trek into Darkness” is great thrill ride that carries on Abrams vision of a new Star Trek for a new generation.


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