Parents Weekend - October 25-27


TOWER staff writer

On October 25-27 Student Life hosted a variety of activities for students and parents. And a special guest from the popular ‘80s and ‘90s television show “Saved by the Bell”, Mr. Belding, made an appearance! The activities were designed to complement October’s mood and Halloween festivity. In addition to Oktoberfest, hayrides, and a pumpkin carving competition, parents and students were entertained with the famous principal’s visit when he asked, “Hey, hey, hey, hey! What is going on here?”

Student Life’s Mickey Ulrich was right when she prophesied that, “It’s gonna be a great time!” A dinner in was held in Bethany’s famous building Old Main. Students, staff and faculty met with the family for an evening on the academic corridor—but certainly the best part was no cooking, cleaning or laundry duty for mom or dad!





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