Phi Mu Held 3rd Annual 3 on 3 Event

On Sunday, April 3, the sisters of Phi Mu held a successful philanthropy event raising a total of $800. The event was their traditional 3 on 3 basketball tournament where teams of three to four participated to win a trophy and, of course, to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Nineteen teams participated and the overall winners were those on Cassandraers team (Cassy Swihart, Zach Nahra, Liam Davis, Dylan Salmon).

Greeks to Have a Busy Spring Semester!

From the first Fraternity Oscars called ‘Froscars’ to Greek Sing, Campus Clean-up, and many more events, the Greek Community at Bethany College is having one heck of a busy and successful wrap up to their Spring 2017 semester here in little ole’ Bethany.


Bethany College Theater to present “Calling Time”

With the new semester well underway, so is a new production for the Bethany College Theater Department. Branching off of the last show, “Reckless,” the theater department is ready to put on a great…

Camara West African Drum & Dance Company Come to Bethany

he Student Activities Council does it again by bringing out an entertaining, educational, and cultural immersion event to Bethany College.


Movie Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

In this sequel to the 2010 film, Alice in Wonderland, we catch up with Alice as she is traveling around the world on her father’s ship, The Wonder. We watch as Alice captains the ship away from pirates and narrowly escapes them by expertly maneuvering the boat to safety. Three years later, Alice is on her voyage home to London to meet with her mother and her business partner Lord Ascot, only to find that the late Lord Ascot has since passed, and his son has taken over the family business. Unfortunately the son, Hamish, still holds a grudge against our young Alice for declining his marriage proposal some years ago. Soon Alice finds that her mother sold her shares of the company along with their house. Hamish insists that Alice also signs over her father’s ship in order for him to return the ownership of their house, and he promises Alice will have a place being a clerk in the business. Alice is furious with this turn of events and flees the meeting.

What is the Student Government Association up to this week?

Welcome to The Tower’s newest segment called “What is _____ up to?” This week The Tower got an exclusive interview with the Student Government’s Association advisor, Dr. Lisa Reilly and the newly elected President, Darren Johnson.


Lacrosse Opener 2017

The temperature may have not been as nice as it was earlier in the week, but the Bethany Men’s Lacrosse Team still had a hot start to the season. The Bison took on Heidelberg for the home opener of…


Uber: Driving Into the Future

Whether you are in need of a ride after a wild Saturday night out on the town, or a simple ride to a nearby store when your car is not available for use, Uber is a useful and trending company that can help out people of any age.


Me Before You is a 2016 movie adaptation of the bestselling book of the same name written in 2012 by Jojo Moyes.




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