Finals Week at Bethany

With summer right around the corner, college students still have to take one last exam for their classes to reach sweet freedom. Students here at Bethany College have mixed emotions about finals

Comprehensive Exam Tips

Tips for Bethany College seniors on how to prepare for Comprehensive Exams.


“Handshake” launch at Bethany College

Last week, the Offices of Career and Professional Development for Bethany College launched a new website, and mobile application called “handshake.” After students log on, and create their…

Poet Laureate Marc Harshman Visits Campus

On Wednesday, April 22, Bethany English professor, Dr. Jessie Janeshek hosted a workshop with West Virginia Poet Laureate, Marc Harshman.


Are Men Pressured to Have the Perfect Body?

In both mainstream and social media, women are faced with pressure to look a certain way. But what about the guys?

Six Things College Students Have Mastered

A list of six life skills that only college can really teach you.


Search for Football Coach Comes to an End

Weeks after the announcement of Jacoby Watkins' departure, Bethany has found its new football coach.


New Social Networking Application Causes Uproar

People always want to know the latest gossip or when the nearest party is taking place. Friends will post where parties are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now a site called “Yik Yak.” But is this new site creating more problems than help?

Ric Sheffield Talks Equality

Bethany College Black Alliance Club hosted an event on February 10 featuring speaker Professor Ric Sheffield. There was a great turn out for the event and attendees were enlightened by Sheffield’s talk. Sheffield is a Professor at Kenyon College and a former civil rights lawyer. His 30 minute lecture and video presentation about Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was meant to show a different insight of that infamous nation changing case.




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